Faux Succulent Planter

STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 10” ball, or other size of your choiceFoam-safe stone-like spray paint (Kathleen used Make It Stone!® from Krylon; read the label carefully to be sure it’s safe for foam.) 

 Succulents, live or faux

Planting mix for cactus/succulents

Optional: Deer moss, stones, shells, and other natural embellishments

Thin bodied, white craft glue (if using faux succulents)

Tools needed: Serrated knife, large; sharp pencil; tablespoon

To make a Faux Stone Planter for live succulents:
Cut a thin slice from the bottom of the foam ball so that the planter will stay in place and not roll.

Cut a larger slice on an angle from the top of the ball.

Score a ring 1” in from the edge all around the top using a sharp pencil. With the spoon and serrated knife, carve out the center of the ball till you have an opening that’s about 4” deep.

Carefully follow the instructions on the can, and spray the outside of the planter with stone-like paint. Let dry.

Fill the hole with slightly dampened cactus planting medium.

Plant your succulents and water sparingly.

Optional: embellish with stones, shells, or other natural elements.


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