Aratilis: The Flower.

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Here in the Philippines, my generation grew up enjoying the fruits of Muntingia calabura – locally known as Aratilis. Me, my siblings and our playmates would flock, almost everyday, our neighbor’s tree and picked those sweet fruits that seldom reached their red ripeness – the juice are so delicious even if the fruit still in greenish color.

All those times it was all about the fruit… I never noticed the flower that came before it. Fortunately, a tree had voluntarily grown in our backyard and somehow brought back those childhood memories. I can’t remember the last time I tasted the fruit and I don’t fancy eating them again. No, not this time when I am drawn to it’s tiny, lovely flower.


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Garlic For Your Health

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Garlic Health Benefits

I asked an expert in the field, Dr. Varro E. Tyler if garlic really works?

Dr. Varro Tyler: Garlic works. Garlic has been well established as an agent that reduces blood lipids, that is cholesterol, tri-glycerides in the blood. These studies have been done not only in Europe, but in American medical schools. So, if you take garlic in a satisfactory form, it can reduce the cholesterol about ten percent and the tri-glycerides about fifteen percent.

Allen: Garlic has quite a reputation for having a strong odor. So, how should it be taken for the best results?

Dr. Tyler: It has to be either consumed raw or in a powdered, dried state that reaches the small intestine where the active principle is released and absorbed. The dried state is the better way to take it if you’re not interested in having garlic breath.

Garlic has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time. In fact, there’s a story from France about four thieves that robbed the graves of plague victims. But they didn’t seem to get the disease, and it was discovered that they ate garlic every day that had been soaked in vinegar. And this concoction became known as “Four Thieves Vinegar.”

If you’ve been avoiding garlic because your afraid it’ll reduce the number of your friends, try the pill form. After all, they’ve taken the strong odor out and left all the things that are good for us in.

Garlic is also used today by some people for the prevention of lung cancerprostate cancerbreast cancerstomach cancer, rectal cancer, and colon cancer.


Growing Tomatoes

Growing a great tomato garden is simple if you follow a few simple rules. You understand when you bite into a juicy tomato that it is largely water. Over 95% actually, and this means you can’t allow this plant to get too dry. As soon as it is too dry, it will get a condition called Blossom End Rot where the end of the tomato goes black, shrinks up and looks like a fungus has hit it. It’s a water-related problem.


This is also a temperature problem; when the spring temperatures are too cold for the pollen and the fruit isn’t properly pollinated, the fruit will abort. This is one reason we plant tomatoes when the ground is warm and there is absolutely no danger of frost or cold summer nights.