Exercise And Mental Health


Exercise and mental health just seem to go together. The best doctors in the world recommend exercise when you have symptoms of depression or anxiety or if you are just feeling blue. I believe the reason ,besides the obvious, is because when you are paying attention to where you are going that takes your mind off of yourself and whatever is causing your depression or anxiety. Try it sometimes and see if it works for you. Check out this site  apatchofbluze.blogspot.com  for books and stories, as well as, other information about Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health issues.





Is this not the most beautiful bouquet you’ve ever seen? So many colors…this is a perfect spring early summer bouquet for the porch,to hold the gate open or at your door…this ray of beauty would say “welcome” to anyone..

DIY: Project For Outside

: This project is so easy and so useful you will be wondering why you are just now working on it….we used an old door and built a shelf on top as well as one on the bottom for storage….then built a desk in the center for working on your projects…..you can paint it or leave it looking old and weathered….FB_IMG_1432313311623..enjoy!!,


imageMy pumpkin was very easy to carve. I used a paring knife to cut triangles for eyes and nose. I made a big open smile so he would be happy and I used small marshmallows for his teeth. Now my jack-o- lantern greets everyone with a big happy face. What will yours look like? Let your imagination go wild….🎃

Fresh Tomatoes


Have you been to your local Farmers Market lately? I chose these beautiful tomatoes from the one that I go to, but they also have lots of other nice fresh vegetables also. Check them out in your town.